Our Services

We specialise in providing comprehensive revegetation projects across a range of environments. From the coast to the hills and everything in between, we can offer a full range of services for your environmental projects.

What is Native Revegetation?

In a nutshell, revegetation is planting certain native species which can tolerate and thrive in the local conditions. It generally also involves removing competing weed species and excluding animals (livestock, possums) which may damage the plants. It is important that the native plants used in the first stage of revegetation can grow rapidly. Once these plants establish ground cover, they protect the soil from erosion, begin to stabilise slopes, filter water, and provide shelter so that the other more sensitive species have the right conditions for growth. In most cases, revegetation is carried out on land that has been fundamentally changed from its natural state.

What is Ecological Restoration?

Ecological restoration has a wider scope and more holistic approach than native revegetation alone. It aims to restore damaged ecosystems to a healthy, functioning state. It might include measures to: sustain or increase native biodiversity; reintroduce and protect rare species; improve water and soil quality; remove invasive species; reinstate cultural practices, and enhance resilience. You can read more about ecological restoration here.

How Can We Help You?

If you want to restore a degraded piece of land then you've come to the right place. By utilising fast growing, easy to establish native plants suited to your site, we can establish thriving habitats. The growth of plants will attract native birds, insects and reptiles, improving the biodiversity of your site. We'll adapt the project to suit your needs and will guide you through all stages of the project from initial consultation through to concept and design, planting, and post project maintenance.

Farmers and private landowners

We have pragmatic solutions for erosion control, run-off prevention, streamside planting, and protecting of bush remnants, which fit within the other uses of your land.

Iwi and community groups

We can help you deliver projects to protect your local threatened environments, including supporting native wildlife, providing recreational and educational opportunities, and supporting your role as kaitiaki.

Government agencies

Our scalable approach allows us to deliver your project no matter the size. We offer complete solutions for riparian and wetland planting, erosion control, weed control and suppression, and improving biodiversity values.