TreeGen - Planting for the Future

We are your New Zealand native revegetation specialists. Our company was founded in 2016 by local girl Shelly Walker. Shelly grew up on the East Coast, and always had a love for plants. After 25 years in the horticulture industry, Shelly finally decided to follow her passion for environmental restoration. She shifted focus to concentrate on improving degraded land and creating flourishing natural habitats through revegetation; TreeGen was born. Our team all share Shelly's passion and vision and bring their own unique skills and experience to their work. While Terry's in the office writing reports, Mark and Murray might be out planting or keeping our gear in top shape, meanwhile Stacey is creating amazing planting plans. And Shelly? She's probably visiting the site with you, bouncing ideas back and forth, and helping you pull off a stunning revegetation project in your special place.

Business Philosophy

At TreeGen we are Planting for the Future. We know restoration can’t just happen overnight so we are committed to cultivating enduring relationships with our clients. We focus on long-term results. We build collaborative relationships through transparency and trust, shared vision and learning. We support the protection and restoration of mauri through a holistic approach of shared values, aspirations and mutual respect with Mana Whenua. In this way, we support a sustainable future for the benefit of coming generations.

How We Work

Customer focus:
One size definitely does not fit all, so we offer you a complete, customised approach for your project. We work collaboratively with you and believe a good relationship is one that is open, honest and transparent. We will always be on hand to provide you with ongoing support, advice and guidance.

Solution oriented:
We provide innovative solutions that help you tackle even the most degenerated sites. Whether you want to protect existing native bush, control erosion and improve slope stability, or deal with invasive weeds, we have the skills to help. We'll make the process simple and easy and our expert team can take your project from vision to reality.

Continual improvement:
We are committed to continual learning and improvement so that we remain at the forefront of innovation in all areas of environmental restoration. We use innovative technologies and conduct our own research into native plant growth and health across a range of environments. You can be sure that our solutions are successful, evidence based, and cost-effective.